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        Paints, Inks, Printing, Dyestuff, Pigments, Bulk Drugs, Food Processing,
        Resins, Glass & Ceramics, Agro-伟德1964手机 s, Adhesives & Plastic Industries
        About Us

        We are one of the fast growing professional marketing group dealing in various basic chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals,  specialty chemicals, dyestuff and 伟德app官方下载 . Our group comprises of the companies viz. M/S Earth Rasayan, M/S Radix Marketing and M/S Radix Exim.


        Our marketing efforts are mainly concentrated in the field of Basic 伟德1964手机 s and Dyes & Pharma 伟德app官方下载 . We represent number of reputed manufactures exclusively for marketing their products. For your information we enclose the sheets about the products and manufactures we represent.

        Currently we represent Syn-O-Chem 伟德app官方下载 for their wide variety of 伟德app官方下载 product range for local sales as well as for exports. syn-o-chem products is manufacturer of Gamma Acid, G Salt, 6-Nitro, 1-2-4 Diazo, Bronner’s Acid , 4NAPSA (Na Salt), 4 NAPSA (Free Acid) and Bronners Base etc. and number of other Beta Naphthol base 伟德app官方下载 . We also represent Uma Organic and 伟德1964手机 s for 1 Naphthalamine, Sodium Naphthionate, Mata Nitro Aniline and MPDSA (Sodium Salt), MPDSA (Free Acid).

        Our main product

        Dyestuff 伟德app官方下载

        Offers Dye 伟德app官方下载 for Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Food Dyes, Solvent Dyes etc

        Pharmaceutical 伟德app官方下载

        Offers quality Organic and Inorganic Pharma 伟德app官方下载 for bulk drugs manufacturer.

        Synthetic Organic Dyestuffs

        Colorants for Detergent & Soap, Fuel & Oil color, Lubricants & Wax, Antifreeze & coolant etc.

        Naphthalene Based 伟德app官方下载

        Naphthalene & Beta Naphthol based intermediates: Gamma Acid, G-Salt, R-Salt, n-Methyl γ Acid, H Acid etc.


        Worldchem Corporation, India aim to be a leading chemicals trading house offering a wide variety of chemicals for import into and export from India. WorldChem Trading Corporaction, represents several globally renowned suppliers of chemicals, gases & materials for promotion & marketing of their products in India. We aim to build enduring relationships by offering quality services to customers and suppliers around the globe.

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